Breast Conserving Surgery

Only the cancer is removed but in order to prevent cancer from coming back breast conservation has to has be to combined with radiation.

Lumpectomy – Partial Mastectomy

Lumpectomy and partial mastectomy are different terms for the same operation: The healthy breast tissue remains in place and only the cancer is removed. Two major studies published in the 1980s showed that lumpectomy/partial mastectomy + radiation is just as good as removing the whole breast (total mastectomy).

Oncoplastic Surgery

Cancer patients with large or droopy breasts (ptosis) can have a lumpectomy/partial mastectomy and a breast reduction or a breast lift. The noncancer side can also be reduced or lifted so the breasts match (symmetry).


With a mastectomy the entire breast is moved. The different types of mastectomy are based on whether, in addition to the whole breast, the lymph nodes in the underarm, the skin and/or the nipple-areolar complexare removed as well.

Radical Mastectomy

Removal of the whole breast, the muscle, all of the skin and the lymph nodes

Modified Radical Mastectomy

The same as a radical mastectomy except the muscle is not removed

Simple / Total / Complete Mastectomy

Removal of the entire breast and most of the skin but not the lymph nodes

Skin Sparing Mastectomy

Removal of the whole breast and the nipple-areolar complex but all of the skin remains

Skin And Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

Removal of the whole breast but all of the skin and the nipple-areolar complex are spared

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