What types of breast biopsy are available?

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Facing the prospect of a breast biopsy can bring about a mix of concerns, apprehensions, and questions about what the future may hold. When you consult your breast cancer surgeon regarding testing, undergoing a biopsy often marks the initial step in establishing a diagnosis. This procedure involves delicately extracting a small tissue sample from your breast, which is subsequently analyzed in a laboratory for accurate results. So what types of breast biopsy are available? What types of breast biopsy are available? While many patients dread getting a biopsy, it still stands as the most reliable method to immediately detect the presence of cancer cells within your body. In this article, we will talk more about why you might need a biopsy, the advantages of doing so early, and the different breast biopsy types that are available to you. Getting Your First Breast Biopsy It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already …

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery Prep Tips

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Plastic surgery can help you overcome stress and insecurities to bring out your most beautiful self. Whether you have been struggling with the effects of breast cancer or you are dealing with another medical condition that is causing your breasts to shrink, you might be the perfect candidate for breast reconstruction in Austin. To make sure that your surgery goes as smoothly as possible, it is important that you take several steps in preparing for your breast procedure. Follow these breast reconstruction surgery prep tips from your trusted breast specialists before your surgery date for best results. Breast Reconstruction Surgery Prep Tips Step 1: Take Tests Your doctor may ask you to get some blood tests done a few weeks before your surgery date. This is to ensure that the levels of electrolytes and hemoglobin are normal. Unusual levels in your blood could indicate that you are at a …

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Breast Biopsy Preparation Guidelines

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Preparing for a breast biopsy can come with a lot of worries, fears, and questions. When consulting with your breast cancer surgeon about getting tested, a biopsy is typically one of the first steps in figuring out a diagnosis. A biopsy is a procedure that involves removing a tiny piece of tissue from your breast, so it can be further analyzed in a lab for an accurate diagnosis. This is the best way to tell whether or not there are cancer cells present in your body. Today, we will lay out some straightforward breast biopsy preparation guidelines so you know exactly what to expect. Breast Biopsy Preparation Guidelines Why You Might Need a Breast Biopsy Visiting your doctor for breast concerns can cause a number of worries, and you can go through a series of tests to narrow down possible medical conditions based on your symptoms. Whether or not …

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6 Uncommon Signs of Breast Cancer

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A lot of people are taught from an early age about the more common symptoms of breast cancer. It is important to regularly self-screen for lumps, bumps, or other abnormalities surrounding the breast tissue. While these bumps can be scary, they do not always guarantee that they will lead to cancer. 6 Uncommon Signs of Breast Cancer Even more pressing is the fact that there are many more, but lesser known, signs of breast cancer that many don’t know about. It is imperative to get in touch with a specialist for breast tumor treatment for regular checkups no matter the current state of your breast health. Today, we are going to review 6 uncommon signs of breast cancer that may indicate it’s time to visit your doctor. Warmth, Redness, and Swelling Does the skin around your breasts feel unusually warm? There is a chance your breasts could be swollen. …

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Factors for Higher Breast Cancer Risk

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For many, the risks of cancer are hereditary. But many factors throughout one’s life can also contribute to a higher risk of breast cancer, especially in those who are aging or battling with their health. One thing your breast cancer specialist in Austin wants you to know is that even if you have a high risk of getting cancer, that does not guarantee that you will get it. There are many steps you can take to prevent the further development of risk. Factors for Higher Breast Cancer Risk Today, Breast Institute Austin will highlight some of the major factors for higher breast cancer risk that we have monitored in our patients. Some risk factors can be reversed or reduced, while others may be permanent. Get in touch with your doctor to find out how you can get the best care. Flexible Risk Factors There are several factors that may …

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What Can a Mammogram Detect?

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In order to detect breast cancer – and prevent it – as early as possible, your breast cancer surgeon in Austin will want to provide a number of screenings in support of your best health. One of the most thorough and functional screening tests is called a mammogram, and it is typically done on patients with breasts to detect any anomalies within the tissue. What Can a Mammogram Detect? But what can a mammogram detect, exactly? How do they work to identify any instance of cancer? What treatments are typically prescribed based on the results of the mammogram? At Breast Institute Austin, we are invested in taking proactive measures with your health and well-being in mind. Keep reading to learn more about the mammogram process and see how you can sign up for preventative breast cancer screenings today. The Mammogram Process The procedure starts with an x-ray machine. While …

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Misconceptions About Breast Cancer

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As one of the most common forms of cancer around the world, breast cancer is caused by a myriad of different conditions and produces a number of symptoms. People have had a wide range of experiences with breast cancer. So there remain a lot of myths surrounding the disease. Let’s break down some misconceptions about breast cancer. Misconceptions About Breast Cancer The best way to get ahead of cancer and utilize treatments effectively remainss to understand the facts as much as you can. Today, your trusted breast surgeon in Austin will talk about some of the biggest misconceptions about breast cancer. We break down the myths that can change the way you think about prevention and treatment. Only Women Get Breast Cancer Probably one of the most common misconceptions about this disease is that it only affects women. While folks with big breasts may be more likely to develop …

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Importance of Early Detection for Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is a fast-acting disease that has the best chance of being treated when the symptoms are caught early. However, many folks with breast cancer display no symptoms at all before the cancer starts to grow. This is why your local breast cancer surgeon in Austin cannot emphasize enough the importance of early detection for breast cancer prevention and easy treatment. Read the following information below to learn more about breast cancer screening options and schedule your personal consultation with our breast specialists today. Importance of Early Detection for Breast Cancer Early detection will always be the number one answer that doctors give in response to questions about how to best treat this monstrous disease. While there is still no surefire cure, there are a few different tests and screening options that allow patients and doctors to look for cancer much earlier in the development process. Thankfully, early …

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Myths About Cancer Causes

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In a world of rapidly-spreading misinformation, people can attribute just about anything as a cause of cancer. That is why our breast cancer specialists are here to bust the most common myths about cancer causes to help you get closer to the truth. In addition to offering the best breast tumor treatment options in Austin, the Breast Institute of Austin provides several prevention and evaluation services to help all types of patients dealing with cancer-related issues. Myths About Cancer Causes Below, we’ll list the 5 biggest myths about the causes of cancer and replace them with the truth so you know what lifestyle habits to avoid – and which ones you don’t need to worry about. Myth: Microwaves Cause Cancer Some folks shy away from the ease and convenience of a microwave as they believe that plastic wraps and other containers can release cancer-causing toxins into the air when …

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What Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer

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All women have potential risk for breast cancer. As women get older, this risk increases, but it’s never too soon to become more informed about breast cancer! Knowing about breast cancer prevention could save your life. Keep reading if you want to learn what every woman should know about breast cancer! What Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Prevention Tips There are multiple ways you can proactively manage your health that might reduce your breast cancer risk. Your weight and amount of physical activity, as well as your lifestyle, all have the potential to contribute to your risk. Additionally, certain hormonal treatments can contribute to risk. Weight and Breast Cancer If you are overweight or have gained weight as an adult, your risk for postmenopausal breast cancer is higher. Maintaining a healthy weight can be easier with a healthy diet. Staying physically active could contribute to …

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